We Globalize People And Companies!!

Elivecafe is a Hong Kong company, based in Asia and headquartered in Hong Kong. We have operations in China, Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and work with clients from India, Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, and Japan.

We specialize in Product Sourcing, Angel Financing, Customized Business Programs and Personal Programs including; Soft Skills Training (Negotiation, Presentations, Communication, Writing), Cross Cultural Communication Training and Executive Coaching for Western Multinational Organizations operating in Asia and around the world.

Although we have become known for being “a great little company”, we have over the years trained nearly 15,000 people (from 70 countries) on how to communicate, negotiate, give presentations and work effectively in multinational work environments. Westerners/Non-Westerners get a better understanding of the differences of working and leading people in Asian countries, and helping local Asian talent develop the international management leadership skills necessary to master in order to make a successful international career.

We have over 40 years of Asia-specific (in-country) professional experience in the fields of Sourcing, Financing, International Business, Education, Management Consulting and Executive Coaching. Our Coaches and Consultants educational backgrounds include; Social Anthropology, Eastern Philosophy, Behavioural Science, Pedagogy, Sociology, Cross-Cultural Management and Intercultural Communication.


Assisting your company and you as an individual in reaching your goals and realizing your dreams.

The business world is changing constantly and to assist in enabling companies and individuals to remain competitive, we need to be more knowledgeable than ever. However identifying your type and style of change is never easy. That’s where our team of experts comes in.

Our Mission Statement

Elivecafe will provide to its customers and clients high quality, results oriented solutions to their business needs and requirements. Our customer’s and client’s success is our success!!

Our Philosophy

Each situation. each company, each individual is unique. A one-size-fits-all approaches will never help you or your business reach its full potential. Our customized solutions will assist you in taking advantage of opportunities that your competitors cannot. This is what we deliver to you.

Our commitment to results

When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become your partner. Our success is measured by the success you have. This is why we invest whatever resources are required to get to and keep you and your business on the right track.

Our experience

We know, understand and appreciate the challenges that individuals and businesses face today. Our staff of coaches and consultants and trainers have been in your shoes. They are past owners and operators of businesses in regions all over the world and in every industry you imaginable.

Our Background

Elivecafe is a young company founded in 2011. However, Elivecafe’s owners have over 40 years of experience in the business and training industry and Elivecafe’s consultants, coaches and trainers have a  total of over 1000 years of business, coaching and training experience.

Elivecafe has quickly established itself as a leading provider of cutting edge sourcing, financing, training and consulting  together with the ability to assist people and companies to network and improve both their sales and profits.

Elivecafe has developed an extensive needs analysis system that surpasses its competitors, and its insistence on only using highly qualified consultants, trainers, mentors and facilitators has ensured that the company maintains a high client return rate.

Consultants are fully involved in dialogues with clients, needs analysis, training design needs and implementation.

We draw on an incredible database of resources. We have in a few short years partnered with some of the largest companies in the world, including Samsung, Emerson, IBM, Hanjin Shipping, Home Credit, Sony, Walmart, Aecom, BOSE and a host of other companies in the fields of electronics, internet technology, clothing and sports equipment manufacturing, finance and logistics, to name a few.

Our offices are conveniently located in the Langham Place office tower in the heart of Hong Kong, near the Mongkok MTR station.

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